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Visualize, monitor and debug your eBPF infrastructure from a single viewpoint

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Why bpfdeploy.io?

eBPF (extended BPF) is a new in-kernel technology originating from Linux that allows us to dynamically introspect our runtimes in a safe and event-driven way. This has lead to innovations in networking, security, observability and even CPU scheduling. It is used by companies such as Facebook, Cloudflare, Netflix and Google.

We are still in the early stages of eBPF and although progress in the technology has been swift, the developer experience is still full of friction. With such a powerful technology, we believe that more work needs to be done to bring eBPF to the masses.

eBPF is a technology that asks developers to straddle both user and kernel space throughout the application lifecycle. This requires a shift in thinking and without proper tooling can lead to a frustrating experience.

The vision of bpfdeploy.io is focused on creating frictionless tooling that allows developers of distinct ecosystems to reap the benefits of eBPF. We believe that if we want software organizations to succeed, we also need to provide secure turnkey solutions towards monitoring and auditing their eBPF infrastructure.

bpfdeploy.io allows developers to feel confident reaching into their underlying runtimes.